Previous concerts

2024, 04th of April: with Gro Marie Svidal, Ding Dong at NMH, Oslo

2024, 03rd of March: Klub Stala, Slovenia

2024, 02nd of March: Udine, Italy

2024, 01st of March: Circolo Thelonious, Trieste, Italy

2024, 29th of February: SoloQui, Zero Branco, Italy

2024 28th of February: Bologna, Italy

2024, 23rd of February: Alice with Andrea Giordano, Copenhagen, Denmark

2023, 25th of October: Workshop in sound design, WoNoMuTe, Oslo

2023, 15th of October: Hilde Marie Holsen solo, Kampenjazz, Oslo

2023, 14th of October: Hilde Marie Holsen solo, Gummilyd, Drammen

2023, 8th of October: Hilde Marie Holsen solo, Parma Frontiere, Italy

2023, 7th of October: premiere of Elmie, movie I composed and produced music to, LevArt

2023, 28th-29th of September: Workshop in sound design, UiA, Kristiansand

2023, 27th of September: Hilde Marie Holsen solo, CreaTeMe Lab Event, Kristiansand

2023, 11th of September: Holsen&Cassiers virtual at Festival for new trumpet music

2023, 18th of August: Hilde Marie Holsen solo, release concert at Vingarden på Jølster

2023, 19th of June: Holsen&Cassiers at WERKPLAATS WALTER, Belgium

2023, 16th-18th of June: Holsen&Cassiers residency and concert at STUK, Belgium

2023, 28th of May: Silent Fires@dype åndedrag, Tanum Kirke

2023, 24th of May: Lillehammer Litteraturfestival

2023, 15th of April: Summers/Holsen @ Jazzprisen, Skien

2023, 24th of March: nyMusikk Stavanger

2023, 18th of March: Workshop in sound design at Nuts and Bolts, Notam

2023, 2nd of March: Lansering av 100-lista, Litteraturhuset, Oslo

2023, 27th of January: Holsen&Cassiers at Nasjonal Jazzscene, Oslo


2022, 3rd of December: Electric edge at Henie Onstad Kunstsenter, Høvikodden

2022, 19th of September: Qasim Naqvi + Hilde Marie Holsen + Gregor Riddell at F/EKS, Oslo

2022, 25th of August, IMPRA JAZZ with Silent Fires, Stockholm, Sweden

2021, 03rd of November, Sorgsanger with Kari Saanum, Oslo, Norway

2021, 25th of September, VEILED with Palette Dance Collective, Halden, Norway

2021, 16th of September, Poesikveld, Litteraturhuset, Oslo, Norway

2021, 10th of September, Premiere of «Enjnj’kvestra astra», a commission for Electric Audio Unit for multiple loudspeakers, Marmorsalen, Oslo, Norway

2020, 07th of March: MetaMorf, Trondheim, Norway

2020, 01st of March: Langhus Kirke with Silent Fires, Norway

2020, 23rd of February: Casa da Paes with Silent Fires, Milan, Italy

2020, 22nd of February: Porta Jazz with Silent Fires, Porto, Portugal

2020, 21st of February: Sunside with Silent Fires, Paris, France

2020, 20th of February: B-flat with Silent Fires, Berlin, Germany

2020, 12th of February: Uhørt with Silent Fires, Nasjonal Jazzscene, Oslo, Norway

2020, 31st of January: Moods, Zürich, Switzerland

2020, 29th of January: Jazz Baragge, Zürich, Switzerland

2020, 28th of January: AB Salon with Lynn Cassiers, Brüssels, Belgium,

2020, 26th of January: Chambres d’O with Lynn Cassiers, Belgium,

2020, 24th of January: Kick-off Match & Fuse festival, Neubad in Lucerne , Switzerland

2019, 7th of December: Wejazz, Helsinki, Finland

2019, 23rd of November: Kaldestad/Holsen, Notam 25 år, Oslo

2019, 17th of November: Missa Mystica, Oslo

2019, 16th of November: Silent Fires, Spikkestad, Norway

2019, 14th of November: Silent Fires, Maison de Norvège, Paris, France

2019, 13th of November: Silent Fires, Bab Ilo, Paris, France

2019, 12th of November: Silent Fires, Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Norway

2019, 11th of November: Silent Fires, Parksalongen, Oslo, Norway

2019, 1st of November: Sara Marielle Gaup/Ann-Helen Schjølberg/Hilde Marie Holsen, Salt art & music, Oslo

2019, 19th of October: Nonfigurativ Musikk with Maja S.K. Ratkje, Norway

2019, 16th of October, Samuel Rohrer and Hilde Marie Holsen at Leipzig Jazz Days, Germany

2019, 10th of October, Samuel Rohrer and Hilde Marie Holsen, Kafé Hærverk, Oslo, Norway

2019, 1st-4th of October: Residency in Karlsruhe, Germany

2019, 30th of September: Costangaresca, Italy

2019, 29th of September: Salotto in Prova, Milan, Italy

2019, 28th of September: SoloQui, Treviso, Italy

2019, 26th of September, Avellino, Italy

2019, 25th of September: Onyx Jazz club, Matera, Italy

2019, 25th of August: Performance together with the installation «Schaden» by Ewa Jacobsson, Oslo

2019, 16th of August: Oslojazz with Bilayer, Norway

2019, 04th of July: Kongsbergjazz

2019, 01st of June: Akousma, Maison de la Radio, Paris

2019, 27th of April: Jubileumskonsert for Firda Vidaregåande skule

2019, 26th of April: Soddjazz

2019, 06th of March: release concert with Bilayer, Kafé Hærverk, Oslo

2019, 5th of March: release concert with Bilayer, Folque Café, Skien

2019, 16th of February: Lillelyd, Oslo

2019, 09th of February: Fritt Fall with Sarah-Jane Summers, Oslo

2019, 31st of January: Lillehammer Experimental, Lillehammer

2018, 16th of December: with Kammerkoret NOVA, Oslo

2018, 24th of November: Solo, London Jazz Festival

2018, 23rd of November: Bilayer, lansering av Kulturmeldinga, Oslo

2018, 21st of November: Bilayer, Haugesound, Haugesund

2018, 17th of November: Bilayer, Nonfigurativ musikk, Tønsberg

2018, 01st of November: Solo – Friform Kirkenes

2018, 28th of October: Silent Fires, Prova, Italy

2018, 27th of October: Silent Fires, Paris, France

2018, 26th of October: Silent Fires, Paris, France

2018, 25th of October: Silent Fires, Paris, France

2018, 24th of October: Silent Fires, Kafé Hærverk, Oslo

2018, 29th of September: Duo with Maja S.K. Ratkje, Fritt Fall, Oslo

2018, 11th of September: Jazz på Khartoum, Oslo

2018, 01st of September: Duo with Lynn Cassiers, Fritt Fall, Oslo

2018, 18th of August: Solo – Le vie del suono, Italy

2018, 11th of August: Solo – Zemlika Festival, Latvia

2018, 24th of July: With Tolv and Øyvind Hegg-Lunde, Narbonne, France

2018, 09th of June: Solo – release concert of Lazuli, Lauget Kaffi og Kultur, Sandane

2018, 07th of June: Solo – release concert of Lazuli, Østre, Bergen

2018, 24th of May: Solo – release concert of Lazuli, Kafé Hærverk, Oslo

2018, 23rd of May: With Øyunn, Nutshell, Bergen

2018, 22nd of May: Silent Fires, Nasjonal Jazzscene, Oslo

2018, 21st of April: Duo with Hanne Rekdal, Fritt Fall, Oslo

2018, 11th-16th of April, Silent Fires, tour in Italy

2018, 10th of April: Silent Fires, Nasjonal Jazzscene, Oslo

2018, 03. March: Vermillion, Nesodden Jazzklubb, Nesodden

2018, 03. February: Balducci/Kola/Holsen, Vaktbua, Kristiansand

2018, 01. February: Balducci/Kola/Holsen, Kafé Hærverk, Oslo

2017, 14. December: FORCEJO, commission piece by Jon Halvor Bjørnseth, Bidrobon, Oslo

2017, 29. November: Josefine Visescene, with Håkon Thelin and Ingebjørg Loe Bjørnstad

2017, 28. October: Fritt Fall, Oslo, med Håkon Thelin

2017, 12.-17. September: Match and Fuse, Ireland

2017, 11. September: Ultimafestivalen, Oslo

2017, 24. August: Labert Oppmøte, Henningsvær

2017, 08. July: Tauron Nowa Muzyka, Poland, with FOOD2017, 07. July: Førdefestivalen, Førde

2017, 06. June: Spaces Speak, Oslo2017, 03. May: TEDxOslo

2017, 02. April: Matera, Italy

2017, 01. April: Alexanderplatz, Rome, Italy

2017, 31. March: Giulianova at Grido, Italy

2017, 30. March: Rovereto, Italy

2017, 08. March: Jazzkappleik, Oslo

2017, 25. February: Fritt Fall, Oslo, with Stian Balducci and Jens Persheim Kola

2017, 24. February: 55, Jæger, Oslo, with Stian Balducci

2017, 05. February: Blårollinger, Oslo, with Bjarne Kvinnsland

2016, 15. December: BIDROBON, Oslo

2016, 04. December, Norges Musikkhøgskole, Oslo, with Silent Fires (Alessandro Sgobbio, Håkon Aase and Ingebjørg Loe Bjørnstad)

2016, 03. December, Fritt Fall, Oslo, with Silent Fires (Alessandro Sgobbio, Håkon Aase and Ingebjørg Loe Bjørnstad)

2016, 21. November – 07. December, Rikskonsertene, with UR

2016, 13. November, Noordelijk Film Festival 2016, Leeuwarden, NL, with LJERKE

2016, 12. November, Le Guess Who?, Utrecht, NL, with LJERKE

2016, 11. November, EXTRAPOOL, Nijmegen, NL, with LJERKE

2016, 10. November, WORM Rotterdam, NL, with LJERKE

2016, 09. November, West Wednesdays, Amsterdam, NL, with LJERKE

2016, 06. November, Schouwburg De Lawei, Drachten, NL, with LJERKE

2016, 13. October, Jazz på Jølst, Jølster

2016, 22. September, Friform Kirkenes, Kirkenes, together with Magnus Bugge

2016, 10. September, Veruno Jazz, Italy, together with FOOD

2016, 30. August, Nasjonalbiblioteket, Oslo

2016, 19. August, Oslo Jazzfestival, Ingensteds

2016, 16. August, Oslo Jazzfestival, Norges Musikkhøgskole, together with Morten Qvenild

2016, 22. July, 12 points, San Sebastian, Spain

2016, 16. June, 99 Luftballonger, Tou Scene, Stavanger

2016, 11. June, Fritt Fall, Kulturhuset in Oslo, together with Gro Marie Svidal

2016, 05. June, Oddnose Festival, Nesodden, together with Magnus Bugge

2016, 27. May, Nutshell, Fløyen in Bergen

2016, 14. May, Fritt Fall, Kulturhuset in Oslo, together with Magnus Bugge

2016, 13. May, Sync, MIR, Oslo

2016, 21. April, Victoria Nasjonal Jazzscene, Tape to Zero, Oslo, together with Thomas Strønen

2016, 02. April, Rewire Festival, The Hague, NL

2016, 17. March, Jazzartfestival Schwäbisch Hall, Germany, together with FOOD (Thomas Strønen/Iain Ballamy)

2016, 18. February, Jæger, Oslo

2016, 16. February, Blow Out, Mir Oso

2016, 28. January, Deichmanske bibliotek, Oslo, together with Magnus Bugge

2016, 10. January, Deichmanske bibliotek, Oslo, together with Tim Schmele

2016, 09. January, Deichmanske bibliotek, Oslo, together with James Welburn

2016, 08. January, Deichmanske bibliotek, Oslo, together with This Is How You Lose Her

2015, 26. november, Deichmanske bibliotek, Oslo, together with Magnus Bugge

2015, 25. november, Karlsruhe, Germany, together with No Input Ensemble

2015, 24. november, Rainy Days Festival, Luxembourg, together with Maja S.K. Ratkje

2015, 22. november, London, England

2015, 21. november, Leeds, England

2015, 20. november, Edinburgh, Scotland, together with «The Improvising Orchestra»

2015, 14. november, Blest, Høyanger

2015, 06. November, Sørveiv, Kristiansand

2015, 31. October, Emanuel Vigeland Mausoleum, Oslo, This Is How You Lose Her

2015, 16. oktober, Bidrobon, Biermannsgården, Oslo, with Magnus Buggge

2015, 09. oktober – 15.november, visning av filmane «Imperator» og «Expirator» av Astrid Findreng og Grethe Britt Fredriksen, filmmusikk av Hilde Marie Holsen, Nordnorsk kunstnersenter, Svolvær

2015, 04. oktober, Avellina jazzclub/Multiversal Naples, Italy

2015, 02. oktober, l’Asilo, Multiversal Naples, Italy, with This Is How You Lose Her

2015, 25. september, Lillesalen konsertserie, Oslo

2015, 17. september, Ultima, Oslo Contemporary Music Festival

2015, 11. september, Ultima, Oslo Contemporary Music Festival, together with This Is How You Lose Her

2015, 11. september, The Formant, MIR, Oslo

2015, 05. september, Punkt, Kristiansand

2015, 25. august, Multiversal, Oslo

2015, 18. juli, Splittet Kjerne, Tyrifjorden

2015, 16. juli, Maksitaksi, Oslo, together with Guttorm Andreasen

2015, 04. juni, OnlyConnect2015, Marienlyst Kapell, Oslo

2015, 29. mai, Release concert, Victoria Nasjonal Jazzscene, Oslo

2015, 15.-17. mai, Brucstockfestivalen, El Bruc, Spain

2015, 24. april, r:a:w, Norges Musikkhøgskole, Oslo

2015, 28. februar, Feber i februar, Maksitaksi, Oslo

2015, 17. januar – 08.februar, visning av filmen «Imperator» av Astrid Findreng og Grethe Britt Fredriksen, filmmusikk av Hilde Marie Holsen, Akershus Kunstsenter, Lillestrøm

2014, 12. desember, MultiNO!, Deichmanske bibliotek avd. Grünerløkka, Oslo

2014, 10. november, James Webb in concert, Deichmanske bibliotek avd. Grünerløkka, Oslo

2014, 01. september, Premiere of the solopiece for trumpet and electronics «Av gårsdagens sol og minnenes speil» composed by Clemet Rotevatn, Norges Musikkhøgskole, Oslo

2014, 03. mai, Granumfestivalen, Oslo

2014, 13. mars, Teknisk museum, opning av utstillinga «Olje og gass», Oslo

2014, 22. januar, LydMyren, Oslo

2013, 30. november, Active Crossover m/Simon Whetham og Jon Lunde, Kristiansand

2013, 16. juli, Moldejazz m/PAN, Molde

2013, 4. & 5. juli, Kongsbergjazz m/PAN, Kongsberg

2013, 29. mai, Bachelorkonsert, solo/Capriccios Alibi/4tet, Kick Scene, Kristiansand