Upcoming concerts

2019, 04th of July: Kongsbergjazz

2019, 16th of August: Oslojazz with Bilayer

2019, 25th of September: Onyx Jazz club, Matera, Italy

2019, 27th of September, TBA, Italy

2019, 28th of September: TBA, Italy

2019, 29th of September: Salotto in Prova, Milan, Italy

2019, 30th of September: TBA, Italy

2019, 19th of October: TBA, Norway

2019, 12th of November: Silent Fires, Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Oslo

2019, 14th of November: Silent Fires, Maison de Norvège, Paris, France

2019, 17th of November: Missa Mystica, Oslo