Upcoming concerts

2018, 17th of November: Bilayer, Nonfigurativ musikk, Tønsberg

2018, 21st of November: Bilayer, Haugesound, Haugesund

2018, 23rd of November: event, Oslo

2018, 24th of November: Solo, London Jazz Festival

2018, 29th of November: WoNoMute, Oslo

2018, 16th of December: with Kammerkoret NOVA, Oslo


2019, 31st of January: TBA

2019, 09th of February: Fritt Fall with Sarah-Jane Summers, Oslo

2019, 01st of March: release concert with Bilayer, Kafé Hærverk, Oslo

2019, 26th of April: TBA

2019, 01st of June: TBA